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Auxiliary feed systems for marine boilers and steam turbines

How the feed system works for ships machinery ? The feed system completes the cycle between boiler and turbine to enable the exhausted steam to return to the boiler as feedwater. The arrangements for steam recovery from auxiliaries and ship services may form separate open or closed feed sysems or be a part of the main feed system.

Where, for instance, steam-driven deck auxiliaries are in use, a separate auxiliary condenser operating at about atmospheric pressure will condense the incoming steam . An extraction pump will supply the condensate to an air ejector which will return the feedwater to the main system at a point between the gland steam condenser and the drains cooler. A recircuiating line is provided for low-load operation and a level controller will maintain a condensate level in the condenser. Where contamination of the feedwater may be a problem, a separate feed system for a steam-to-steam generator can be used .

Low-pressure steam from the generator is supplied to the various services, such as fuel oil heating, and the drains are returned to the hotwell.

Auxiliary feed systemFig:Auxiliary feed system

Feed pumps supply the feed to a feed heater, which also acts as a drains cooler for the heating steam supplied to the generator. From the feed heater, the feedwater passes into the steam-to-steam generator. Packaged feed systems are also available from a number of manufacturers. With this arrangement the various system items are mounted on a common base or bedplate. The complete feed system may be packaged or a number of the items.

Steam to steam generator feed system

Fig:Steam to steam generator feed system

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