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Lubricating Oil Purifiers for Marine Diesel Engine

Lubricating oil in its passage through a diesel engine will become contaminated by wear particles, combustion products and water. The centrifuge, arranged as a purifier, is used to continuously remove these impurities.

The large quantity of oil flowing through a system means that full flow lubrication would be too costly. A bypass system, drawing dirty oil from low down in the oil sump remote from the pump suction and returning clean oil close to the pump suction, is therefore used. Since this is a bypass system the aim should be to give the lowest degree of impurity for the complete system, which may mean running the centrifuge somewhat below the maximum throughput.

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Water-washing during centrifuging can be adopted if the oil manufacturer or supplier is in agreement; but some oils contain water-soluble additives, which would of course be lost if water-washed. The advantages of water-washing include the dissolving and removal of acids, improved separation by wetting solid impuritiesj and the constant renewal of the bowl liquid seal. The washing water is usually heated to a slightly higher temperature than the oil.

Detergent-type oils are used for cleaning as well as lubricating and find a particular application in trunk-type engines and some slow-speed engines. Detergent-type oil additives are usually soluble and must not therefore be water-washed.

Steam turbines

The lubricating oil in a steam turbine will become contaminated by system impurities and water from condensed steam, so bypass separation is used to clean the oil. The dirty oil is drawn from the bottom of the sump and clean oil returned near the pump suction. Preheating of the oil before centrifuging assists the separation process. Water washing of the oil can be done where the manufacturer or supplier of the oil permits it.

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