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What is fuel oil blending ? How a shipboard fuel oil blender works ?

Mixing of two fuel in a blending process
: Blending is the mixing of two fuels, usually a heavy fuel and marine diesel oil. The intention is to produce an intermediate-viscosity fuel suitable for use in auxiliary diesels. The fuel cost savings for intermediate fuel grades are sufficient to justify the cost of the blending plant. Furthermore no supply problems exist since the appropriate mixture can be produced by the blender from available heavy and marine diesel oils.

The blending unit thoroughly mixes the two fuels in the appropriate proportions before supplying it to a blended fuel supply tank. Compatibility can be a problem and tests should be conducted on any new fuel before it is used. Incompatible fuels may produce sludge or sediment. The cracked residues presently supplied from many refineries are very prone to incompatibility problems when blended with marine diesel oil.

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